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Blending ancient flavours with local ingredients, Tamaly Shop invites you to experience Mesoamerican culture through the rich and balanced flavours of maize, vegetables, fruits & spices.

Protein and Fibre Wrapped in a Corn Husk

Passion & Expertise

With attention to every detail we have crafted authentic corn dough, complimented by traditional and signature fillings, tat invite you to dream of a bustling Mexican market at sunrise

100% natural ingredients

Awaken the satisfaction of the good-for-you food that are our energy boosting tasty tamales. Food can feel good about.

customer satisfaction

We can all have a positive impact on the planet with our food choices. We want to make that option as accessible to you as possible for you.

Family Tradition

Through the blending of ancient flavors wtih local ingredients, Tamaly shop invites you to experience Mesoamerican culture through the rich and balanced flavors of corn, vegetables, meat, fruits & spices.

our products

our products

our products

Tamales were easily portable. Their natural bar-shaped, boosting physical energy, typically containing a combination of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. It is a convenient source of nutrition and come in a wide variety of flavors to satisfy different palates.

Note: Our mole tamales contain gluten .




The Self Care
(for you)

Treat youself: 2 tamales and 1 drink

It Takes Two

The perfect brunch date: 2 tamales and 2 drinks

The six pack

Your favorite six tamales ready yo go home


Dozen tamales ready to go home

Party Combo

You can build your package
Tamale & Beverages 
96 oz(12 Cups)




happy duo

Vacuum package (2 Tamales)

There are many ways for you to enjoy tamales





are a healthy fast food option.

Natural energy
They are a convenient source of nutrition and come in a wide variety of flavours to satisfy different palates. Typically, they have a nutritious combination of fats, carbohydrates and proteins to give you that boost of physical energy while you’re on the go..
Natural Energy

Fresh Fruit Drinks

When we talk about Mexican gastronomy, we rarely mention the non-alcoholic beverages that often accompany our meals, such as the legen- dary Mexican Aguas Frescas, generously served in markets and restaurants throughout the coun- try. Aguas Frescas are made by mixing water with juices from fruits, vegetables, seeds, flowers, grains, and cereals, to which sugar is added. The most popular are Jamaica water, lemon water, orange water, tamarind water and rice horchata water. Although there are hundreds of flavors!

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